Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extaordinaire


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Cilla Lee-Jenkins is 50% Chinese, 50% Caucasian, and 100% destined for literary greatness!

Priscilla “Cilla” Lee-Jenkins is on a tight deadline. Her baby sister is about to be born, and Cilla needs to become a bestselling author before her family forgets all about her. So she writes about what she knows best–herself!

Stories from Cilla’s memoir include:

  • how she dealt with being bald until she was five
  • how she overcame her struggles with reading
  • how family traditions with her Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins and her Chinese grandparents, Nai Nai and Ye Ye, are so different

(Note from Bookish: The Assistant-to-the Manager (our 9 year old daughter) and I LOVE Cilla Lee-Jenkins!)