Reference: Bookish 2020 Reading Challenge

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Book Nerds, THIS is your time!

It’s the beginning of a new year–a new chance to read, explore, expand your horizons & your mind. In the spirit of adventure, and because we really do believe that every story matters, we present you with the Bookish 2020 Reading Challenge:

Pick a book from 12 of the categories below to win the Book Nerd Challenge. Pick a book from 20 of the categories below to be a Book Nerd to the Max Power. Only one book from each category (although, you’ll likely find that some books can fit multiple categories–so plot them strategically).

  1. Fiction

  2. Nonfiction

  3. Memoir

  4. Biography

  5. Spirituality

  6. Self-Help/Wellness

  7. Science

  8. Philosophy

  9. History

  10. Natural Sciences/Animals

  11. Current Affairs

  12. Social Justice

  13. Poetry

  14. African-American Author

  15. Latinx Author

  16. Asian-American Author

  17. Jewish-American Author

  18. Muslim-American Author

  19. Middle Eastern American Author

  20. LGBTQ Author

  21. Differently Abled Author

  22. Author from Another Country

  23. Short Story Collection

  24. Essay Collection

  25. Fantasy

  26. Sci Fi

  27. Historical Fiction

  28. Classics

  29. Mystery

  30. Thriller

  31. Western

  32. Romance

  33. Parenting

  34. Travel Narrative

  35. Humor

  36. YA

  37. Middle Grades

  38. Southern

  39. Pulitzer Prize

  40. Booker Prize

  41. National Book Award

  42. Edgar Allan Poe Award

    Yes, there will be prizes! Hooray! (We’ll announce those in a week or so.) In the meantime, get to reading! And if there are categories you’d like to see added, let us know!