The Nitty Gritty: Untamed

Look, I know I’m late to the party on this one.

Honestly, I was reluctant to read it. But probably not for the reason you think…

I’ve loved Glennon for a really long time. Like even before she published her first book in 2013. I’ve heard her speak twice.

I. Love. Her.

But I kind of felt like I heard what her life was about in her first two memoirs. And I was kind of mad that now people were acting like they’d “discovered” Glennon. I mean, I got to hug her once.

Clearly, Glennon was mine and folks needed to BACK UP.

But, still, I didn’t want to read the book.

Then one of my favorite customers came in talking about how Untamed was probably her favorite book of 2020. And that made me get over myself enough to read the damn book.

I loved it.



I broke it up into chunks so as not to zip through it and then be crushed when it was over. I’d just finished reading Witch, and so many of the ideas fit together into a colossal bit of wild & free badassery.

Untamed made me think about my life, what I’m teaching my daughter, and how to help my people–and everyone who interacts with me–feel both held and free.

I’m keeping this book, because I know I’ll read it again and again. And it’ll speak to me differently at different moments, because that’s how the truest books work. For me at least. And Untamed falls solidly in that category.