The Nitty Gritty: What Are You Going Through?

*To Start category 2021 Bookish Reading Challenge

This novel consumed me. Walking to work, I was thinking about the novel. Walking home… still thinking about the novel.

The examination of what it means to love, exist, to make peace, to suffer… It’s exquisite. And challenging. And immersive.

This isn’t a plot driven novel. In fact, I could tell you the entire plot in one sentence. But I won’t. I will tell you–in case this could be helpful or hurtful to you (it really could go either way)–that death & loss are prominent players in this work. But so is the examination of life & all that makes it beautiful and tragic.

I can see myself reading this one again in a few years. And I am not a re-reader. But this one, I think it will speak to me differently (but just as profoundly) in 5 years. And perhaps 5 years after that.

As winter & this pandemic seem to drag on, if you want a novel that begs for quiet examination, I highly recommend What Are You Going Through?