The Nitty Gritty: Go With The Flow

As feminists, we’re all about normalizing periods over here at Bookish. And we’ve found the perfect graphic novel to introduce to your tween to activism, self-advocating, feminism, and the normalization of menstruation.

Go With the Flow is a quirky little graphic novel (all in shades of red, white, and black) about friendship, high school life, and periods. It’s entertaining, funny, and features actual girls the reader might encounter (or be!) in high school: the goofy, the sporty, the brainy, the artsy, and the newbie (to periods and school).

I really loved that among the 4 friends there were mixed levels of desire to change the world’s (or really the school’s) perspective on periods–but there was never any shame in discussing periods amongst friends. 3 of the girls even walk the newbie through her first period (which she got at school… all over her white pants. UGH!) at school.

The historical & menstruation equality info is all presented by the most activist-oriented of the girls who becomes hyper-focused on the issue… so it never seems beside the point in the narrative, since she shares the info in a blog that she starts as the story unfolds. It’s clever. As is the fact that her friends start to get a little annoyed with her singularity of focus after a while (because otherwise, it could’ve gotten a little preachy). But–after a heated conversation when the activist crosses a line with her friends–they rally behind her when she needs them–as friends do.

If you are having trouble broaching the subject of periods with your kiddo, start here. If you’ve got a kid that seems hyper embarrassed about their monthly cycle, give them this book. Ditto for kids that have super-heavy, hard to manage periods. Or any girl with an activist bent.

Really, if you’ve got a girl, just go ahead & give them this book.

Got a boy? He should read it, too. Because feminism is for everyone.