Isabelle the Unicorn

Isabelle the Unicorn was written by 9 year old Jane Lee-Kellogg, as part of the Bookish Super Rad Summer Writing Camp. We focused on storytelling–because everyone’s got a unique story to tell & every story matters.


Late one night deep in the woods a unicorn named Lillian walked quietly through the woods and then, she stopped, right in front of a rabbit hole. The baby unicorn on her back made a small “Eeeek”. “This looks like a safe hole” Lillian said. “May your life be peaceful and your name shall be Isabelle.” she said. Then she took a few steps back and she was gone and all was quiet.

Chapter 1:

1 Year Later…

“Yawn’’ was always my first word of the day. That morning when I went to get a donut from the donut tree instead of wanting my usual, pink rainbow sprinkles, I wanted chocolate rainbow sprinkles. It was delicious, but my mom who isn’t my real mom, she will be known as a friend and her name is Sally, she is a bunny, came up and asked me if I was OK.

‘’Thanks Sally, but I’m fine.’’ I told her.

Me and Sally went back to the hole which we live in with Mark, Sally’s mate, the way you get to the hole is you go through this huge tunnel where the air tastes like dirt.

‘’Hey, Isabelle’’ he said when we walked in. ‘’Can you give me a good massage?’’ he finished.

‘’Sure’’ I said as I lied down.

‘’So earlier, I was looking around, and, for the first time I noticed I’m the only unicorn’’ I told Sally and Mark.

They both looked at me with wide eyes until their eyes teared up from having them open for so long.

‘’Isabelle you know how you’ve never met your real mother?’’ Sally asked me.

‘’Yes’’ I said

‘’Well that’s for two reasons. One is because we never knew her ourselves & two we don’t know where she is.’’ Sally informed me. Mark had remained silent the entire time, it looked like he had zoned out. ‘’Mark I’ve done all the talking up till now, why don’t you give it a go?’’ she asked Mark, zapping him back to life.

‘’Oh-huh what?’’ he said, not totally hearing Sally.

‘’Do you want a go at talking to Isabelle?’’ she asked him, now kind of annoyed.

‘’Not really I think you covered everything.’’ Mark told her.

Sally gave him an angry look and then turned back to me ‘’Isabelle what we are trying to say is that no one knows where your real mom is so please don’t get to thinking you can meet her anytime soon.’’ said Sally.

As soon as she finished I asked if I could leave, she said yes, and as I was walking away, I vowed that I would try my hardest to find my mom.

Chapter 2: 

‘’You want to try and do what?!’’ Sally screamed after I told her my plan.

It had taken an entire day for me to work up the courage to tell Sally and Mark my plan, and their reaction was not what I wanted, but at least I saw it coming.

‘’You heard me’’ I told her.

‘’Mark what do you think?’’ Sally asked.

‘’I think you should go, but only if you let us come with you.’’ he told me.

‘’What!?’’ Sally screamed at the top of her lungs, so I was sure my mother could hear.

‘’We can’t let Isabelle go off by herself.’’ Sally screamed.

Mark had started speaking,’’We could see beyond our forest and it will be nice to do something outside of the den.

‘’Um excuse me Mark, but I think you’re forgetting that me and Sally go out every day.’’ I interrupted.

‘’Yes um…  a good chance for me to get out.’’ he said, sounding guilty.

‘’Isabelle excuse us for one moment.’’ Sally asked me. I didn’t hear all of it but I did hear Sally say this..’’Mark what are you thinking? You can just walk out of the hole if you want to get out!’’

I also heard Mark say this…’’You don’t have to go but I say she’s allowed to go and I’m going with her.’’ So at least I know I’m going.

‘’Isabelle, you are allowed to go and we are coming with you.’’ Sally told me, exiting from the shadow’s where she had been talking with Mark. ‘’We leave tomorrow early morning.’’ Sally decided.

So we all ate as much as we could because there’s only foods we’re used to for about two miles from our home, and our stomachs don’t react well to other things. ‘’I can’t believe we’re going away from the only home I’ve ever known to find my mom tomorrow.’’ I whispered as I drifted off to sleep.

 Chapter 3:  

The next morning…

That morning when I woke up I was feeling a sense of happiness and sadness mixed together. Good news, I was trying to find my mom today. Sad news, we were leaving all our friends.

‘’Leave everything here. We should be back in a month at the most.’’ Sally instructed Mark and I.

“Let’s all eat some more then we can say goodbye to our friends’’ Mark told us.

‘’Okay’’ I said.

So we all went out of the hole, it had been the first time for Mark in ages. All the animals were looking at us with sad eyes. I got three pink rainbow sprinkle donuts and two chocolate rainbow sprinkle donuts. Right away I ate a pink rainbow sprinkles and then walked up the line of animals and said to Levi the squirrel,’’I’ll be back as soon as I can, stay strong Levi, stay strong. You too Pickle.’’ I said looking at Levi’s brother.

Sally and Mark were saying their goodbyes as I walked over to them.

‘’Sally and Mark I know you want to say goodbye to everyone, but were not dying, we’ll see them in a month tops.’’ I told them.

“Okay’’ Sally said. “Just let me say one more thing?” she whispered, so I nodded, “I love you everyone’’ she shouted, so I kind of wish I hadn’t nodded. So we set off and when we were only a few footsteps away from home I already missed everyone.

Chapter 4: 

 About a mile later…

Wow we are finally looking for my mom. Sally and Mark are currently lagging behind because they are completely full and they are carrying so many hard candies. I wasn’t full but I had picked a lot more donuts.

“Isabelle, slow down!” Sally called from behind, so I stopped and waited for them to catch up to me.

“So Isabelle if and when we find your mom how will you know that’s your mom?” Mark asked me.

“I don’t know, I think I’ll just feel something.” I told Sally and Mark. Even though we were miles away, I felt like I could smell the deep dense forest. Then I gagged, it smelled of frogs and toads.

“Isabelle are you okay?” Sally asked me.

“Yeah I’m fine, the deep dense forest smells horrible.” I answered, and before I knew it we were at the edge where the deep dense forest met the wonderful forest we live in. The second we stepped into the deep dense forest a big scary wolf jumped out at us!

Chapter 5:

“Trespassers!” snarled the wolf.

“Excuse me sir, we are just trying to find my mom.” I told the wolf.

“You’re a unicorn” he said looking at me for the first time, “It’s highly unlikely your mom is still alive after the great battle which the wolves won!” he gloated.

“Wolves only won because unicorns hate shedding blood!” I said, how dare he insult unicorns!

“Anyway my name is Wolfoo and since you’re a unicorn I most defianetly can’t let you through!” Said Wolfoo, who was gray with a nice shade of blue eyes. “A-oooooooo!” he cried, and suddenly wolves started crawling out of the shadows, and within seconds unicorns were crawling out too.

“Lillian are you sure this is a good idea?” asked a unicorn to another unicorn.

“Yes, I’m sure, this may be my only chance to find my daughter.” Said the unicorn who had been asked the question.

Lillian? Find her daughter? Why does that name and that voice feel so familiar? I asked myself in my head, could I have found my mom? We need to focus on the fight.

“Unic-” Wolfoo never got to finish, because next thing I knew he was lying dead on the ground. A unicorn had pounced on him.

Chapter 6:

“Who else wants to fight?” Sally asked the wolves.

Frightened, the wolves all scampered away. As all the unicorns were congratulating the one who pounced, I heard Lillian call my name.

“Yes” I said.

“It’s me your mom!” she called. I was speechless so I just ran toward her and buried my face in her silky, white fur. “Come home with me and we could eat donuts and never eat leaves again.” I told her.

So she accepted and all the unicorns came to live with us in the magical forest.

                                                           The End