Greg’s Expedition

by Lily Toledano

“Greg’s Expedition” was written by 9 year old Lily Toledano as part of the Bookish Super Rad Summer Writing Camp. Our camp focused on storytelling–because kid has a story to tell & every story matters.

Greg was sitting in his room eating snap crackers. He was looking at one of his many posters that littered his wall – either posters of the jumping frogs, a monster band, or super monster vs. evil squid, two of his favorite things. 

Just then his little sister Katie walked in, “Hey, Greg, whatcha doin’?”

“Writing,” Greg replied.

“What?” she questioned.

“The big plan.” Greg smiled.

3 Weeks later

Greg and Katie were traveling to Cyclops Inc. to try and get a UFO to go to the human world because Greg’s dream was to learn more about humans. When they finally arrived, Greg could not believe his eyes. The building must be 10,000 feet tall and 9,000 feet wide! It was made entirely of gold. There were about 30 cyclops guarding the entrance wearing orange and purple uniforms. So when Greg and Katie entered their dorm room, Katie actually screamed. It was nothing like they had ever seen before. There were two beds in each corner with matching and purple and orange sheets with a monster logo in the middle. There was a desk in the other corner and a coat hanger by the door. There was a soft purple rug in the middle and in between the two beds there was a window with orange drapes. 

The next day Greg and Katie received a paper that told them what they needed to do for the first task, and it said,

Greg and Katie thought and planned all night until the time came for the maze task at 12:00 pm. Katie and Greg went to where the first task would take place and waited patiently until their turn. When their turn finally came two cyclops workers let them in. Greg gulped. It was nothing like Greg had ever seen. There were spikes everywhere and they were moving. And to top that all off, they were orange and purple. Greg knew they wouldn’t make it. Greg didn’t know what to do.

 His heart was pounding in his chest, so he asked Katie, “What do you think we should do?”

“Don’t know,” Katie replied.

Greg’s mouth was getting dry, but then he realized something like a pattern. The spikes were moving from left to right. The orange was on the left and the purple was on the right just like the purple and orange monster logo PM, Planet Monster. Then something clicked in Greg’s mind. They just had to move from left to right to get through the maze. He told Katie his plan, and they started to make their way through the maze. Then they saw a red blur. Greg was wondering what it was, but then a spike almost hit him so he put it out of his mind. A few minutes later, he saw the light again, and he wondered if Katie had seen it. He asked her, and she said, “yes.” Just then he saw a spike coming for Katie, and he quickly pushed her out of the way. They got stuck a few times, and Greg hoped the maze would end soon. A minute later the spikes started moving in reverse! He let out a yell to warn Katie, and they started jumping in reverse and they just made it out of the maze.

When they made it back to their dorm room, they were exhausted. A few days later, they got another piece of paper. It said,

So, Katie and Greg prepared and when it was time, they headed to the second task. When they got there, they were the first to go in. When they got in, Greg’s jaw dropped. There was a giant rubix cube! It was red, orange, purple, black, white, and gray. 

He asked Katie, “How do we do this?” but Katie did not hear him. She was deep in thought. She was thinking, once to the right, two up, three to the left, three down the middle, two at the bottom, once to the left…

“How?” Greg asked.

Katie explained her plan. Katie started saying things to the rubix cube like once to the right and twice in the middle. Ten minutes later Greg could make out the monster logo forming on the front of the rubix cube, but a few minutes later the rubix cube jumbled up.

“Oh no,” Katie cried, and she started muttering under her breath very fast. Greg saw that same red blur, and suddenly Katie started saying things very fast like once to the left. With a lot of effort, they finally finished the rubix cube.

They got back to their dorm room and Greg flopped down on his bed and fell asleep. The next piece of paper came two days later, and it said,

So, once again, Katie and Greg prepared, and they went to the place when it was time. When it was their turn, they went in. Katie screamed. There was a giant chicken trying to peck at them. Greg ran in circles all around the room, and it got a bit dizzy but then started pecking again. Katie threw her remaining lunch at it, but it pecked more furiously. Then Greg saw that flash of red again, and he thought he could make out a face. Then something strange happened. The chicken vanished, and the boss Cyclops appeared. 

“So,” said Fraud the boss cyclops, “What do you want?” he growled. 

“Um,” Greg mumbled. 

“I don’t have all day,” Fraud said.

“We were wondering,” Greg muttered.

“What?” Fraud grunted.

“If,” Greg frowned.

“If what?” Fraud yelled.

“We could borrow a UFO?” Greg whispered. His mouth was very dry.

“For what?” Fraud bellowed. Greg could see him turning red. 

“To go the human world,” Greg quivered.

“No, I shall not allow that,” Fraud bellowed. “Now go home!”

So, when they got home Greg thought, and thought, and thought. One week later, Greg was thinking in bed and a thought drifted into his mind, but he was going to need a lot of balloons. 

The next day Greg told Katie his plan, and they went to get a lot of balloons. Their plan was they were going to get to the human world with balloons. Greg used his knotting skills to tie the balloons to a big basket, and Katie used her tracking device to navigate.

The next day they set off on their journey. It was so cool! Katie brought a notebook, a pencil, and her backpack, and Greg brought water. They saw all sorts of different planets. One that had rings, and one blue one and one red one.

When they were mid journey, their balloons started popping. They were sinking lower and lower, and Katie fumbled for her backpack to find her tracker and she came across a button she had never seen before. So, she pressed it. A whole hot air balloon came out! Greg and Katie climbed in, and they did the rest of the journey. When they made it, their mouths dropped. Katie started scribbling frantically and her notes looked like this,

When they returned one day later, there was a big applause, and even the boss cyclops was in the crowd. The boss cyclops then quit his job, and everyone was happier. Greg and Katie were awarded with a trophy.