The Adventures of D&D

Written by 10 year old Quinn Tackas, this story’s got monsters, intrigue, battles, and the possibility of a sequel! Quinn wrote this story in a Bookish writing camp focused on storytelling. Because we want all our Bookish kids to know that everyone has a story to tell–and every story matters.

“Hey, guys!  Do you want to play D&D, our favorite board game”? said Alfa, the group leader.

“Sure!!!!” said Tucker, Tune, and Charlie.

“O.k what time do you want to meet at my house?” said Alfa.

“At 1:00 is good for us,” said everyone.

“O.k” Said Alfa.

Tucker, Tune, and Charlie meet at Alfa’s place at 1:00 pm.

When Alfa said the Dungeon master is his brother, Risk everyone said hello. Everyone picked their characters then……. Suddenly…………… KAPOW!!!!!! 

All 4 of the kids got sucked into the game. They ended up in Phillsville. Phillsville looked like a normal town, but then they see a bunch of monsters. Tucker, Tune, and Charlie were all scared, but Alfa said to quit it. Alfa asked someone where they were, and the monster said in Phillsville.

Alfa and his friends ran around looking for something, but what??

As they were looking they heard Alfa’s brother saying, “You have to destroy 2,000 monsters to get out!!!!…………………..And also if you die in the game, you die in real life.

Alfa and his friends are now scared and almost peed their pants.

They start gathering their equipment.

Alfa the Wizard gets his healing potions.

Tucker the Elven archer gets his bow and arrows out.

Tune and Charlie gets their swords out.

They go into the woods and all the monsters surround them. Alfa and his friends decide to take on 500 monsters each…and the battle begins!!

They defeated the monsters..Then..suddenly…….KAPOW!!!!

They woke up in Alfa’s dining room.

Then they called the cops and put Risk in jail.

“You will pay for this!” yelled Risk as he got into the police vehicle. 

Alfa and his friends are not afraid of being sucked into the game any more. 

After that happened, Alfa’s dad came in the door and saw the kids laying down on the table. He said, “Do you want to play Forbidden Island?”

They all said “Sure.”

And then they sat down. 

                                 STAY TUNED for THE NEXT BOOK: The Adventures of  Forbidden Island