Battle at Excalibur

Written by 10 year old Chelsea Tackas, this Rick Riordan inspired story has demigods, battles, a PEGASUS!, and just a smidge of romance. Chelsea participated in a Bookish writing camp where we focused on storytelling–because everyone has a story to tell. And every story matters.

“Tucker get your saddle and get your supplies then go outside and hop on the horse” yelled mom. He learned not to question his mom a long time ago so he got his stuff and hopped on the horse. The horse was tan. Out of nowhere the horse sprouted wings, and they took flight. Why they were flying over the pacific ocean he realized what he was riding on was a PEGASUS from a game he really likes to play, and he always chose the peaugus.

They flew all the way to Las Vegas. When he looked down there were around 150 people on the streets. That’s odd, Tucker thought. The pegasus landed 20 yards away from the Excalibur. No not the Excalibur but the sign read Camp Apollo. He saw 8 people with bow and arrows on the tower of the castle and 8 people with swords and shields at the gate and 8 people flying on pegasus. Next thing he now a huuuge baseball bat hit him in the head, and he was out cold.

Tucker woke up to water. When he looked up he saw 2 kids aruging. But there was a third voice, then a kid stepped out of the shadows. They are all wearing a Blue shirt and jeans. “ How…. who are you?” asked Tucker. 

“Blaker, daughter of Apollo. Chris, son of Neptune, and Alex son of Hades” they all said at once.

“And you’re a son of Hermes,” said Chris.

“Wait, if I am a son of Hermes, then why is the camp called Camp Apollo?” asked Tucker.

“Well you know, Greece and Rome -” said Chris.

“Aren’t Greece and Rome enemies?”

“Yes, but not anymore. So, um…… Apollo is his Greek and Rome form, so we named this camp because there are Rome and Greek demigods here.”

“Then why were there 8 guys with shields and swordss and 8 guys with bow and arrows and 8 guys on pegasus’ ‘ asked Tucker, even though he knew it was a silly question but for some reason it felt important. 

“Well,” started Alex, “Apollo’s lucky numbers are 1, 4, 8 and 10, and his lucky colors are  Black, Blue and Gray. And his lucky days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, ” said Blaker super-fast.

That night, he met France who is a son of Hephtaus, who is his roommate, and they became friends, and Blaker introduced Tucker to her brother, Nico.

Tucker bid the activities at the camp bye for the night.

That night Tucker dreamed killing a lot of monsters with his two swords. Then he was of guard and a monster stabbed him in the side. Out of nowhere, Blaker shot an arrow and the monster turned to dust.

“Wake up Thief,” said Blaker but in France’s voice. He woke up super-fast. He saw it was 2:30 in the morning, and France passed Tucker his armor and swords.

“You have to go down there” France said, while he was putting on his armor. “We’re under attack.”

When Tucker heard under attack, he ran down stairs. He thought No, I can’t lose my second home.

When he found Chris, he asked what was going on.

Chris said “Out of nowhere, Vegas became empty, and now we are surrounded by monsters.” 

They went into war.

Tucker was killing a lot of monsters with his two swords. Then he was off-guard, and a monster stabbed him in the side. Tucker realized he was about to be unconscious, but before he was unconscious he saw that it was a hellhound’s claw that stabbed him. Then, out of nowhere, Blaker shot an arrow and the monster turned to dust.

“Medicine!” cried Blaker.

Tucker realized he was losing a lot of blood.

When he woke up in the medicine room, he realized his dreams could tell the future. He decided not to tell anyone, but he did not know that most demigod dreams could tell the future.

Then the door oppend and Blaker came in. “Leave us please,” she asked her brother and sisters. They left, then Blaker came and sat on the bed Tucker was laying on.

“How are you?” asked Blaker.

“Good,” said Tucker looking down at his robe. Out of nowhere, Blaker pulled him toward her and gave him a long kiss on the lips. Even though it hurt, Tucker he liked it.

“You are so busted, Blaker” said a deep voice. Then Alex stepped out of the shadows.

“Alex!” jumped Blaker in shock. Then Alex vanished into the shadows.

“Where do you think he is going?” asked Tucker.

“Probably to tell Chris,” said Blaker.