A Bookseller’s Week (in Pictures)

Shakespeare AND Murder Mysteries. In the same box. I think this pretty much sums up the vibe of Bookish. No one in our store is going to judge what you read. Read what you like. Try new stuff. Every story matters. And every book has a story.
I’ve got some real strong feelings about stickers on books. I’d tell you, but it involves cussing. Suffice it to say that this is what my couch looks like after hours of scraping stickers. I use the hotel key card (top right) to scratch them off. The skull is an eraser to erase prices written in the books in pencil. And that’s sandpaper on the top(ish) left, for when I want to inhale book dust. JK. It’s to clean the tops of the pages.
I find all kinds of stuff in books. This is one kid’s attempt at critical reading. I like that they’re working to identify emotions. Reading builds empathy. And comprehension skills build critical thinkers.

Once upon a time, someone received an envelope with a cat (?!?) drawn on the back. They liked it so much they used it as a bookmark. This week, it ended up in the Bookish stash of books. I don’t even know what to say…
My sweet kid made a Bookish bookmark. See… there’s a book (obvi) and a recycling symbol (because we are reusing books at Bookish) and all of that makes us happy. Hooray! Someone on Instagram posited that perhaps the kid likes books about geodes. I thought that was a pretty stellar guess. And she would! She’d love books about geodes. But, alas, it’s a recycling symbol.