Creating Bookish

Just the build-up to the pre-launch of Bookish has been quite the journey! And it’s definitely been a family–and community–endeavor.

My husband (Simon) and kid (Jane, age 8) have displayed more patience than I could’ve hoped for as I’ve moved over 2,600 books through our house. Simon lent his talent and time to the creation of the Bookish logo–and his ear as I waxed poetic about books, and stories, and the importance of literacy. Jane designed the amazing Bookish logo/mark/awesomeness that appears above.* It hangs on our fridge as a reminder that my family continues to rally to make the dream of a used bookstore in East Atlanta a reality.

And so does the community, for that matter. I’ve received dozens and dozens of kind messages on social media platforms. And folks have donated hundreds of books to the cause. I’m thankful for a community that supports local businesses and that embraces the philosophy that is the very core of Bookish Atlanta: the unshakable belief that Every Story Matters.


*The Valentine cat was created by one of Jane’s super-talented school buddies. Rad, right?!?